Chocolate Yogurt Cake

I am going ahead to upoload this picture, the cake did not turn out soft and fluffy though.  I have baked this recently and it is a failure.  It is hard to describe the texture, I can only imagine that it is a ‘nonya kueh’ that I was eating.  This recipe uses a different mixing method from all my previous baking attempts.  It uses a ratio of 1/3 cup : 1-1/4 cup of butter and sugar.  I think it is because of  higher amount of sugar vs butter, it produces a mixture resembles ‘wet sand’ when they are creamed together.  The steps are also not straight forward, it involves in alternate mixing of ingredients and one particular step which I have difficulty is stirring the flour ‘until no streaks of flour remain. I might have over-stir as a result it becomes a kueh instead of cake.


4 thoughts on “Chocolate Yogurt Cake

  1. Hi Eileen,

    Most chocolate cakes I have made are not soft and fluffy unless the recipe uses egg whites to lighten the cake.

    This particular method of mixing u have used is called the high ratio method for cakes where the amt of sugar is greater than the amt of butter and requires the dry ingredients to be alternated with the liquids, starting and ending with the dry ingredients. Indeed, the creamed butter will be like wet sand.

    I do the alternating of ingredients quite often and do not find it troublesome at all.

    • Hi Bakertan (ZY),
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Indeed the recipe uses 1 egg and 1 egg white, and it had been described as “Soft and Fluffy, with a very fine and tender crumbs”, but mine was not….haha..
      Btw, have you tried baking ‘subway’ cookie (remember me)? I’ve already posted it on my blog.

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