Marble Chocolate Bread 巧克力大理石面包

I know very little about bread baking even though my late father was a baker.  During my younger days, I used to follow my father to his confectionery shop during school holidays.  I remember that he was always the first to arrive at the shop to prepare bread dough from scratch, to cook kaya using charcoal stove..etc.  I may have more privileges compared to others in view of my exposure to bread making but I did not bake bread again after my attempts many years back with my first ‘home-made pizza’ and ‘hokkaido milk loaf’.  I find that kneading bread is a daunting task to novice baker like me and I most often prefer to buy it from the store.  Kneading is like doing a workout at the gym, it is very tiring.   However, this can be alleviated if you use a bread maker.  I do not have one and am still contemplating whether to buy.  So this bread is soley hand-made, and the end result is very rewarding. Now, I find that baking bread is not that difficult, albeit it is time-consuming.  I will definitely start baking more bread from now on.

Verdict : this bread is soft and delicious, and it stays soft even on the 3rd day.  

I would like to dedicate this post to the memory of my late father. 

Am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #8 Bread Seduction (June 2011) hosted by Jasemine of  The Sweetylicious.

This recipe is adapted from Carol 自在生活 and Cathy’s Joy.

Click  Carol自在生活 (chinese version) and Cathy’s Joy blog (english version).



10 thoughts on “Marble Chocolate Bread 巧克力大理石面包

  1. ooh!! This chocolate marble bread looks wonderful!! It seems you don’t even need a bread machine to make great bread! =)

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