Cha Shao Bun

My family likes the little butter bun recipe from Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover.  Using the same recipe, I wrapped these buns with ready-cooked cha shao. To make the store-bought cha shao a little more tastier, I sauted the cha shao with the sauce provided and that was good.  I did not buy enough cha shao, so that gave me an excuse to repeat the butter fillings.  This butter bun was a big hit when I first baked it last month, and this time I passed some to my brother’s family and they all prefer butter bun to cha shao bun.  Nat, I will bake butter buns for you soon…Alicia, take queue number please…haha..

Click here for the recipe posted in my earlier post.

Makes 30 little buns.

Here’s the cha shao bun :

Here’s the butter bun with extra sugar sprinkled on top :


4 thoughts on “Cha Shao Bun

  1. i have been thinking of making cha siew pao but thinking of cooking the filling , makes me stay away from that..wait till my lazy bones get off me..ha!

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