Panda Bread

Why not turn sweet bread dough into a loaf of DIY Panda Bread and delight your young ones at home with these adorable panda faces?  Panda bread was never in my to-bake list due to its complexity and my lack of bread making skills. There was a sudden urge and I went on line to search for youtube video hoping to find step-by-step demonstration. This one I found was presented in cantonese. It’s useful and you will find that making this panda bread after all isn’t that difficult.  I must say the interesting part of this baking episdoe is that you wouldn’t know how will the panda turn out until you slice open the loaf, peek inside to find this super kawaii panda face. 

Source : panda bread demonstrations from lingling1029.

Panda Bread

This recipe makes 2 loaves using loaf tin size 19.5cm x 12cm x 11.5cm high.  Alternatively, you may weigh 450g dough to make 1 loaf and use the remaining dough to make other buns ( I made butter sticks ).


Gelatinised dough : 100g bread flour, 70ml hot boiling water


1. Refer to step 1 to 3 of gelatinised dough here.

Basic sweet bread dough :

300g bread flour

100g plain flour

80g sugar

1 tbsp instant yeast

½ tsp salt

175ml milk

1 cold grade A egg

60g cold butter, cubed


1. Refer step 1 to 6 of basic sweet bread dough here.

2. Weigh 450g dough ( for one loaf ) and divide into 3 portions each weighing 68g, 225g and 157g.  Mix 68g dough with 1 teaspoon cocoa powder and knead for a few minutes till colour is even.  Mix 225g dough with 1 tablespoon green tea powder and knead for a few minutes till colour is even.  Leave the 157g dough plain. 

( Since this recipe makes 2 loaves, I used the remaining dough for butter sticks )

3. Shape the doughs into balls.  Place doughs seperately in lightly greased mixing bowls. Sprinkle doughs with water.  Cover bowls with cling wrap and proof for 40 minutes or until double in size.

4. Punch air out of doughs and rest them seperately for another 10-15 minutes, covered with cling wrap.

5. Divide the 68g cocoa dough into 4 equal portions. Now, you may follow this link for a youtube video demonstration to assemble dough. 

6. Once done, place the patterned dough into a grease loaf pan, sprinkle water on the dough. Cover it with a lid and proof for 40 minutes or until double in size.

7. Brush dough with egg wash and bake in a pre-heated oven at 175C for about 20 – 25 minutes. Remove loaf immediately from the pan and leave to cool for at least 30 minutes before cutting.

My kids’ favourite butter sticks. 

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16 thoughts on “Panda Bread

  1. Wouw … you did it well! I’ve been delaying to do this because I found the complexity of making it. However, your cute panda bread really motivate me to try it. 🙂 And thanks for sharing the link 🙂

  2. kawaii panda bread… thanks for sharing the tutorial video, which really helps in understanding so much better and less fearful… 🙂 I hope I will be able to do it someday… after I have more bread experience…

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