No Bake Halloween Treats

Being an asian, I do not celebrate Halloween, but I made this Rice Krispies Treat to enter into this month’s event hosted by Hankerie.  This recipe is easy and fun to make but because I had a thick and unflowable consistency melted marshmallow, it took me awhile to coat the cereal.  I used recipe from Kellogg’s but I just found this link useful and I like to share in this post.  Personally I didn’t find the flaws in the melted marshmallow has affected the taste of this rice krispie as they tasted good still.  BeBe ate one after another non-stop.  Mee too!  I need to eat to describe the texture, but I find it hard to stop at one and have to force myself to stop at three before getting the extra pounds : )- I do enjoy eating this, it’s soft and chewy, especially the ones dipped in chocolate, it can really jazz up this Rice Krispies Treats.  If you will like to try this, remember to oil all your cooking utensils as the mixture can be very sticky.


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