Kueh Kosui

Calling out to all traditional kueh’s lovers. This is a undoubtedly soft and fantastically good kueh, as good as store-bought!   I am not exaggerating about it! Try and be convinced.  I made this for our last Saturday’s family gathering and they all loved it.  180papa has already requested me to make this again.  I agree with Blessed Homemaker, this can be eaten fresh from the fridge, no thawing needed.  Thanks to her for sharing this wonderful recipe.  This recipe fits nicely into a 9” round cake pan and can be quite a big serving for a small family, so you may want to halve the recipe.  I made this one day ahead with refrigeration, next day cut and coated with fresh grated coconut before serving.  Thumbs up!

Source : Lifted verbatim from Blessed Homemaker

Kueh Kosui

Ingredients (A)

250g gula melaka

600g water

Some pandan leaves

Ingredient (B)

50g mee suah

300g water

Ingredient (C)

250g tapioca flour

Ingredient (D)

Grated coconut, steam with pinch of salt and let it cool before using


1. Put A into a pot and bring to boil.  Stir till sugar melts.  Leave to cool.

2. Put B into a separate pot to cook, bring to boil.  Leave to cool and blend to paste

3. Mix tapioca flour with cold gula melaka mixture and stir well

4. Add mee suah paste to gula melaka mixture, stir and mix well.

5. Steam empty pan for 5 mins.   Pour mixture into pan and steam for another 45-50mins

( I used 9” round cake pan )

6. Set aside to cool to room temperature and cut into small pieces.

7. Coat with fresh grated coconut and serve ( I prefer to chill mine and eat it cold )

Besides Kueh Kosui, we had Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies, Pandan Hoon Kwee Kueh and Banana & Cheese Cake for high-tea before heading down to the pit for our BBQ night.

Chocolate Cornflake Cookie : melt 50g butter with 120g chocolate,  mix in 100g cornflake.  Stir and mix well.  Scoop into mini paper liner and keep refrigerated.


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