My Footprints – Beijing Part 1

Our Free & Easy trip to Beijing in December, 2010.

We had our breakfast at this local eatery place. 

There was a wide variety of 北京 小吃 ( beijing snacks ) to choose from….we were a little lost on what to get and finally we shortlisted some based on gut feelings.

The spread of snacks on the table was to feed ten of us ( 4 adults, 6 children).  We didn’t order too much as we just wanted to have a taste of local breakfast.  I can’t remember the names of all the dishes here, 五谷粥 (grains porridge), 绿 豆糕 (mung bean cake), 焦圈 were some of the names I can recall.  The plate of black thingy which I think is the intestine was disgusting….no one wanted to try and we offered to a local sitting at the next table.

Our dinner was settled at a restaurant.   A typical local restaurant which you don’t see any tourist here..and food was cheap…


On the last day before we left beijing, we had our lunch at Quanjude (全聚德),  a famous chinese restaurant known for its trademark Peking Roast Duck. 

北京夜市的小吃街 (Beijing night market)….and it was a eye opening experience.. continue browsing and you will know what I meant…be prepared to see some awful pictures…

Did we try? Will you try?  Nope…not for us, we were not that adventurous..

Enough of that…let’s have some scenic view…圆明园 Yuanmingyuan

The blue sign in the middle says “请勿踏冰"(do not step on ice)…

Take a closer look at this height measurement board placed at the ticketing booth..Did you spot any error?

Next, ice skating…the children had so much fun here…

Stay tune for Part 2, Bird’s Nest, Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China, The Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square & Water Cube.


7 thoughts on “My Footprints – Beijing Part 1

  1. Wouw! My family and I are planning to go there next year. Looking forward to your sharing on your Beijing trip. This looks really exciting!

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