My Footprints – Royal Caribbean Cruise Part 1

This was our second time on a cruise holiday.  This cruising experience with Royal Caribbean was good.

We went on board the ship before 12 noon, and had a chance to walk around the ship after our buffet lunch at Windjammer.

View of Harbour Front

Our first buffet lunch at Winjammer

This was where we were seated for dinner at Romeo & Juliet.   The table will be pre-allocated and you will be seated with the same guests and served by the same waiters throughout your stay.

2-level restaurant, Romeo & Juliet.

Why not rock climb ↑, play golf↓? You don’t need to be a pro to do these, just make sure that you don’t hit the golf ball too far into the ocean :)-

Need to shake off the excess fats?  Here’s the jogging track, 4 laps of 1.6km.  I ran 8 laps every morning to burn calories….( can’t resist the good food on board! ).  I like the winds of freedom blowing on my face as I run…

There are 2 pools on this ship, this is a outdoor pool.

Enjoy the songs from this band group while dipping in the pool..

↑ A welcome speech by the captain

↓ What’s for dinner? The dinner consists of a 3-course meal : starter, main course, dessert.

↓ What’s for Dessert

↑ There’s a wide spread of dessert at Windjammer

↓ The desserts below were served at Romeo & Juliet.  We had these for our 3 days stay…

↓ What’s for breakfast?

↓ What’s for starter?

I enjoyed this starter very much, it’s Escargot

↑ Indonesian Gado Gado

Stay tuned for part 2..

We had so much fun on this gourmet exploration. Leave your tight fitting outfit at home ^_^


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