My Footprints – Royal Caribbean Cruise Part 2

I didn’t mention the name of the ship on part 1.   It was a 4D3N Best of Malaysia on board ‘Legend of the Seas’.

Our quad-sharing stateroom with window

↑↓ Breathtaking view taken from our stateroom window

Notice the towel animal on the bed?  It’s folded by the housekeeper and you get an folded animal every night.  I must give credit to our housekeeper as he always keep our stateroom neat and tidy..

Cool!  It’s a refreshing feeling to dance in the open air at the pool side.

That’s Entertainment Theatre where daily live shows are performed here..

↓ The spectacular views where the sea meets the sky!

We arrived at this port of call, Penang.  We walked from the pier to a bus stop for a hop-on free shuttle bus service to Komtar shopping center

We asked around and came to this place↓ along this street ↑ ( somewhere near Gama supermarket )  for char kuey teow

Very small portion of char kuey teow for RM3

This bowl of prawn mee (RM3.20) was as good!  We ordered a second bowl…

A friendly drink stall owner who offered us durians..

We arrived at Penang on Saturday, and the weekend jam in the city center around Komtar was pretty bad.  It took us more than half an hour from the pier to Komtar which normally will take about 10 minutes by bus.  So we decided to take trishaw on our way back to the pier.  It was a fun ride as the trishaw man slipped through the congested traffic with ease.

Dinner on the farewell night was special.  All the waiters and waitresses gathered at the stage sang for us.   This just goes to show how much trouble and effort the Royal Caribbean team has put in to add a personal touch for the guests.

↓ The same goes to this entertainment team who sang for us on the last night..We’re touched..

We enjoyed this cruise getaway very much.  After this amazing experience on board Legend of the Seas, our next cruise trip would be none other than Royal Caribbean..


8 thoughts on “My Footprints – Royal Caribbean Cruise Part 2

  1. Hi Eileen, thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos. I sure miss going on cruise, last went was many years back taking the Star cruise. But I love going on cruise and it’s the best time to enjoy and relax.This Royal Caribbean looks very deluxe.
    Have a nice weekend.

    • Including taxes and insurance, I paid about S$600 per pax. However, the price vary according to the type of stateroom, deck level and month of travel. My package price is for travel period in December, 6th level and a quad sharing room with window. Cruising seems popular among my colleagues, I have 4 other colleagues bringing families going on board in Jan/Feb 2012 ^_^..

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