Oreo Butter Roll

These rolls look unsightly?  They were coated with oreo biscuit crumbs which were really crispy when they were freshly baked.  Sad to say that the crisp did not keep well, it lost its crisp the next day as in my case.  Moreover, these rolls were also not perfectly done,  they turned a little hard the next day too.   There’s nothing wrong with the recipe as I have been using it.  It must be something I have misdone.

You can use any of your desired sweet dough recipe, just egg wash the dough and sprinkle oreo crumbs on it.   For these rolls I made, the dough was wrapped with butter sugar since this is our house’s favourite.

The idea of adding oreo toppings was inspired by Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover, Oreo Bread.  Do hop over to see hers.


10 thoughts on “Oreo Butter Roll

  1. dont be disappointed, i’ve also got the same experience with same recipe with different results, it’s just our hands not listening to us…LOL!

  2. Hi Eileen, look does not matter as long as it taste nice. With oreo the bread should be very nice. I had baked oreo coffee bread the texture was soft and fluffy even the next day. You can check out the recipe in my blog under bread section.

    You used hand knead or breadmaker in your bread making?

  3. Thanks for trying out. Ya, the bread turn a bit hard and dry the next day, because this is direct dough method, maybe next time you can try with water roux or adding with starter dough..

    • I actually used starter dough for these Oreo and I’m sure that the bread shouldn’t be hard and dry using that. Must be certain steps done wrongly. I remember now these rolls actually produced a strong smell half way baking. It smells like sweat. What could have gone wrong? Welcome advice from anyone! Tks.

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