Homemade Dou Hua (Beancurd) Pudding

This dessert is so simple to make and it takes so little of your time with little ingredients to fix.  However, it takes more time about 3-4 hours to set.  I came across few other recipes besides Ellena’s, just to name the two, Sonia’s and Ann’s.  Sonia used fresh soy milk & agar-agar powder while Ann used soybean powder, sugar, creamer, instant jelly and water.  Do hop over to see their lovely dou hua. I used Ellena’s recipe as I have the ingredients.  Don’t forget to click on Ellena’s blog too.

On my first attempt which you can see that my dou hua was not soft and tender because I misread 2 teaspoons gelatine as 2 tablespoons.  Despite the blunder, the pudding with more gelatine has a kueh-like texture which did not taste that bad though. I am not suggesting to use 2 tbsp because here we are talking about soft dou hua.  DH commented that the ‘kueh’ was not sweet enough, could it be because of less premium brand of soya milk I have used or perhaps the extra gelatine has reduced the sweetness? Beats me.

I reattempted the same recipe, this time with the correct amount of gelatine and a thicker soya milk from Mr Bean.

Can you tell the difference now? This is what I call a good dou hua, silky soft and tender.  Isn’t it?  By the way, sweetness is just right for me this time, and DH didn’t utter a word about the sweetness level. This dou hua is consumed chilled without extra sugar syrup.

Source : Lifted verbatim from Ellena of Cuisine Paradise

Makes 4 small ramekins

Homemade Dou Hua (Beancurd) Pudding


500ml Vitsoy / soya bean milk (1st attempt used packet soya milk, 2nd attempt used Mr Bean )

2 tsp gelatine

15g creamer, optional ( 1st attempt used 5g, 2nd attempt omitted )


1. Heat up soy bean milk in a saucepan over low heat ( do not let it boil ).

2. Put gelatine powder in a small bowl, ladle about 50ml of the warm soy milk in it and stir till gelatine powder melt and well mixed.

3. Next pour the gelatine mixture into the remaining warm soy milk, stir in creamer if using and let it simmer for another 30 seconds ( careful not to let it boil ).

4. Off the heat. Let mixture cool off slightly before sieving it into prepared containers to cool completely.  ( I didn’t sieve the mixture, directly scoop the mixture into remekins and remove the bubbles on the top layer. )

5. Chill mixture for at least 3 – 4 hours in the fridge before serving.


10 thoughts on “Homemade Dou Hua (Beancurd) Pudding

  1. Hi Eileen, refreshing dou hua, very nice to go with canned longan too.
    My recipe use agar agar powder and evaporated milk but I make my own soya bean milk. You can check out my recipe in my old posting under dessert.
    Have a great week ahead.

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