Tempura Nian Gao

Nian Gao, I like to eat it fried.  Some people will fry it with taro and sweet potato, but to me, I like it to be original so that I can feel the gooey sweet taste of the nian gao. I didn’t spend too much time in search for a recipe.  There were few recipes I found but this particular one that requires to stir batter with ice cubes caught my interest.  Then, I google to find out more about tempura batter and I learned that the use of cold water in the batter actually makes a crispy tempura.  I think this batter will be good for tempura prawns and vegetables too. If you want to try this, remember to make the batter right before frying, making the batter ahead is not recommended.

Source : Lifted almost verbatim from Camemberu

Batter enough for small nian gao.  Can be double-up for larger portion.

Tempura Nian Gao


40-50g flour ( I used 40g plain flour )

1 egg

½ tsp baking powder ( this makes it extra crispy )

½ tsp salt, optional ( I added )

2 ice cubes


Mix all the ingredients and stir ( stir until ice cubes almost melted ). Make sure the batter remains cold before frying.


6 thoughts on “Tempura Nian Gao

  1. Hi Eileen, interesting way of frying the nian gao using ice cube in the batter. I still got few nian gao in my kitchen, will give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

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