Hundred Eighty Degrees Turns One Today

April 11th 2012, Hundred Eighty Degrees Turns One.  This is a good moment to cherish my first year in this blogosphere.  I would like to say to myself “Congratulations Eileen! You have made it.” I am blogging illiterate, neither am I computer savvy, therefore having come to one year is really beyond my imagination.  There are two persons whom I would like to thank, niece Alicia and nephew Melvin for their initial help.  I wasn’t ready to open up to the world when the account was first set up as there were still uncertainties. Time and commitment were my concerns but then there were no apparent answers to it when I decided to move on.  Just Do It.

In the past year, I have tried dozens of new bakes, sometimes turned out fine and sometimes they didn’t.  In this blogging journey, I am connected on the web with passionate home bakers who have the same interest as I do and I am glad to be electronically acquainted with many of them.  I thank you (you know who you are) for the lovely sweet words that fill up in my comment page.

Today, has 41,911 visits as at 00:00, published a total of 129 posts and the highest views of the day is on April 9th 2012 with 362 views. They are not fantastic records but I am satisfied as the numbers are growing each day and hopefully when this post is published, I would reach another milestone with record high views of the day.  I have picked this auspicious time 13:18 (ya shan ya fa) to upload this post :-). I hope that there will be more blogoversaries in years to come and my momentum would be going strong.  There will be peaks and valleys along the way, there will be days when I do not receive any comments, there will be days when unkind comments are received, there will be days when my blog is not getting any visitations, there will be days when I get tired to bake, post or even respond to comments.  I appreciate every single of you who follows Hundred Eighty Degrees as I embark on my baking journey.

This is the post  Soft Chewy Chocolate Cookie that started it all.

Talk about MYSELF, my Most

Meaningful bake : Strawberry Brownie Ice-Cream Cake

Yummy bake : New York Cheesecake Coffee BeanN

Sentimental bake : Papa’s Butter Cake

Exciting moment in baking : Panda Bread

Love and hate bake : Chocolate Macaron

Frequent bake : Pandan Chiffon Cake

The Strawberry Brownie Ice-Cream Cake was Meaningful because that was specially made for my brother Chen and sis-in-law on their 30th wedding anniversary.   It was tough to decide on which is the Yummy bake as there are more than just one, finally decided to pass it on to New York Cheesecake Coffee BeanN.  The most Sentimental bake goes to Papa’s Butter Cake for the memory of my late father.  Nothing can be more Exciting than baking a panda bread because you wouldn’t know how’s panda look like, whether the eyes are put in the right place until you slice open the loaf.  Bebe Loves Macaron but I hate to bake because my attempts so far were not 100% successful.  Pandan Chiffon Cake being my family’s all-time favourite is best fit to be named as my most Frequent bake.

Without your support, Hundred Eighty Degrees wouldn’t have come this far.  Thank you my fabulous readers, wonderful blogging friends, you are the best!


9 thoughts on “Hundred Eighty Degrees Turns One Today

  1. Hi Eileen, sorry I’m late. Happy 1st anniversary and keep up the good work. Looking forward to see more delicious bakes from your kitchen. Have a nice week ahead. Cheers!

  2. my heartiest congratulations to you, dear eileen! It is always my pleasure to come to your site and read your post. Will continue to do so! Cheers to you!!

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