THB : Blueberry Streusel coffee cake

This is the third baking event from The Home Bakers (THB) – I feel like I just posted previous bake yesterday.  THB is a online baking event with members of different regions and cultures bake the same recipe from one book until all the recipes in that book are baked.  We are currently baking from ‘Coffee Cakes’ by Lou Seibert Pappas.   Joyce of Kitchen Flavours is the founder of THB, you can find us HERE.  We’d love to have you! So come on and join us.

This is a lovely cake which is soft and moist, a kind of texture I like. I do find the cake a little spongy without any cake crumbs.  The crumbs you see in the pictures were all from the streusel toppings.  I’m curious to know what the other home bakers thought about the cake using all plain flour and excited to see how did the cake turn out using the original recipe or other substituted flour.  Whatever the outcome, I am sure everyone will have the same aromatic fragrant from the cinnamon.

I halved the recipe and bake the cake in a 6” round pan at 190C for 50 minutes ( thanks to Joyce for mentioning this in Q&T) .  I didn’t add walnut, neither did I replace with other nuts to the streusel topping.  I used all plain flour.  Sweetness level – not too sweet as I have reduced sugar quite a bit ( used 30g caster sugar and 25g brown sugar).  I do not have sweet-tooth, but I think it would be fine to increase slightly.

Our THB host is Chaya of Bizzy Bakes, please click here for a full recipe, and click here to view the cakes from the other members.

Welcome to The Home Bakers


11 thoughts on “THB : Blueberry Streusel coffee cake

  1. Hi, your cake looks great, the streusel is so nicely distributed! I used wholemeal flour (the fine version found in organic section of supermarkets) so it doesn’t affect the texture that much. I also use that for wholemeal bread and muffins with pretty good results (not grainy) 🙂

  2. your cake looks great!! i did used wholewheat flour but reduced it further and added more cake flour. I would think the cake would be just as good if using all plain flour. My streusels were very crunchy and still nice after the next day. i dont know why..i used cold butter to cut in and also keeps the streusel in the fridge while making the batter. I guess this is another cake that all of us have enjoyed eating. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Wow your berries are so evenly scattered. Mine sunk at the bottom :(. Totally agree it’s a yummy cake which I would be happy to bake again.

  4. Hi Eileen, Nice cake! I used the mixture of both wholewheat and plain flour as per the original recipe, and it turned out fabulous. I believe the whole wheat flour gave some nice texture to the cake and match perfectly with the yummy streusel. Definitely a cake worth making again! :o)

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