Strawberry Chocolate Chips Cupcake – Bake-Along 2nd Anniversary

May is a month of celebrations, my daughter’s and son’s birthday, Mother’s day and last but not least, Bake-Along anniversary.  Happy 2nd Anniversary to Bake-Along!

I haven’t been baking regularly owing to hectic work schedule, however, I have to set aside some time to bake birthday cakes for both of my teenage children.   Be is turning 15 tomorrow and she mentioned she wanted a strawberry cake on her birthday while Re who will be turning 17 four days after his sister has no special request (boy’s nature).   I was looking for a cupcake recipe to bake for Be to treat her school friends tomorrow, and I’m glad to have found this awesome recipe from Aspiring Baker ‘Enjoy Cupcakes’.

A simple and easy recipe with awesome taste.  Sweetness is just right.

I’m publishing this post for Bake-Along # 44 : Celebration Cupcakes.  This is a blog hop organized by Joyce of Kitchen Flavours, Lena of Frozen Wings and Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids.

Strawberry chocolate chips cupcake. pic1

strawberry chocolate chip cupcake. pic2

strawberry chocolate chips cupcake. pic3


Strawberry Chocolate Chips Cupcake

Makes 10-12 cupcakes

Source : with slight modifications from Jessie – Cooking Moments, Evan’s Kitchen Ramblings


120g strawberry, remove stem and slice into half

85ml milk

150g cake flour, sifted

1 tsp baking powder, sifted

75g unsalted butter, softened at room temperature

140g caster sugar

1tsp vanilla extract

1 egg

1/4 cup coarsely cut strawberry

Some chocolate chips


1.  Place cupcake liner in muffin tin.  Preheat oven at 170 degrees C.

2.  Milk mixture : In a blender, blend milk with 120g strawberry until smooth.

3.  Flour mixture : In a mixing bowl, combine cake flour and baking powder.

4.  Butter mixture : In a mixer, beat butter, caster sugar and vanilla extract till light and fluffy.  Add in the egg and beat till well combined.  Scrap down the side whenever is necessary.

5. Add milk mixture and flour mixture  alternatively into butter mixture.   Start and end with flour mixture ( sequence :  flour mixture —>milk mixture —> flour mixture —> milk mixture —> flour mixture ).  Beat well to combine after each addition.

6. Add in cut strawberry and chocolate chips. Stir well to combine ( do not beat ).

7. Pour batter into cup liners to about 80% full.  Bake in the oven at the center rack for about 20 minutes or till cooked.




16 thoughts on “Strawberry Chocolate Chips Cupcake – Bake-Along 2nd Anniversary

  1. Happy belated birthday to your girl and Happy birthday to your boy! Happy Mother’s day to you 🙂
    Both cheesecake & cupcakes look yummy!

  2. wa eileen, you have grown up kids! i always have the impression that you are a very young mother! i believe that these strawberry cupcakes are indeed delicious, i see real strawberries in there too! thanks so much for linking to our event, cheers!

  3. Hi Eileen,

    Great idea that you have reminded me the Aspiring Bakers has a great collection of cupcake recipes to bake. With the delicious combination of strawberries and chocolate chips, these cupcake look really good.


  4. Hi Eileen,
    So many celebration in one month! Happy Birthday to both your son and daughter!
    Your cupcakes looks very moist with tender texture. Strawberries are just perfect with choc chips!
    Thank you for linking to Bake-Along!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

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