Chocolate Cake with Ganache

I almost ended up buying a cake off the shelf for my son’s birthday.  Re is 17 today.  Happy Birthday, my dear!
Whipped up this last-minute cake with a simple ganache for him.

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chocolate cake with ganache. e

Chocolate Cake with Ganache

Source : Must try chocolate cupcake from my previous attempt (here) adapted from Anncoo Journal.  This recipe has been doubled to make a 9″ square cake.  Chocolate ganache from Joy of Baking.

Makes one 9″ square pan


200g butter, softened ( I used salted butter )

360g sugar

4 eggs

1-1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup milk

2 tsp baking soda

1 cup boiling water with instant coffee powder

380g flour ( I use cake flour )

1/2 tsp salt (I omitted)

6 tsp baking powder

80g cocoa powder ( I used valrhona cocoa powder )


1. Grease and line the bottom of a 9″ square pan.  Preheat oven at 160 degrees C.

2. Sift flour, salt, baking powder and cocoa powder in bowl. Dissolve baking soda in milk.

3. Cream butter and sugar until light. Add essence and eggs, continue beating.

4. Add in the rest of the ingredients (milk, coffee liquid and flour ingredients), beat till smooth.

5. Pour batter into a 9″ square pan.  Bake in a preheated oven at 160C for about 50-55 mins or until skewer inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean.

6. Leave to cool on rack before decorating.

7. Prepare chocolate ganache and pour over the cake.  Decorate as desired.

Chocolate Ganache : 227g semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, cut into small pieces, 180ml heavy whipping cream, 28g butter and 1tbsp brandy/rum.


Place the chopped chocolate in a heatproof bowl.  Set aside.  Heat the cream and butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. ( Can also heat the cream and butter in the microwave.) Bring just to a boil.  Immediately pour the boiling cream over the chocolate and allow to stand, without stirring, for a few minutes.  Stir gently ( as you do not want to incorporate air into the ganache) with a whisk until smooth.  Add in liqueur (optional).


10 thoughts on “Chocolate Cake with Ganache

  1. Hi Eileen, drop by to say hello. Busy at work? Anyway hope everything is fine at your side.
    Arh.. I spotted Shirley. 🙂 She is a wonderful blog friends.

    Have a wonderful week ahead, take care.

  2. hi eileen, very pretty cake! last minute but still so nice…are those peaches at the top? btw, i just posted the essence orange cake finally, thanks, i love it very much, one of the best cakes from THB!

  3. Hi Eileen, very nice chocolate cake. I love the topping and chocolate ganache, finger licking good.

    Happy belated Mother’s Day to you and have a nice day.

  4. Happy Birthday to Re! Lucky young man! A delicious and lovely chocolate cake baked with love from mom!
    Wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, Eileen! Hope you have a lovely day with your family!

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