My Footprints – Royal Caribbean Cruise Part 2

I didn’t mention the name of the ship on part 1.   It was a 4D3N Best of Malaysia on board ‘Legend of the Seas’.

Our quad-sharing stateroom with window

↑↓ Breathtaking view taken from our stateroom window

Notice the towel animal on the bed?  It’s folded by the housekeeper and you get an folded animal every night.  I must give credit to our housekeeper as he always keep our stateroom neat and tidy..

Cool!  It’s a refreshing feeling to dance in the open air at the pool side.

That’s Entertainment Theatre where daily live shows are performed here..

↓ The spectacular views where the sea meets the sky!

We arrived at this port of call, Penang.  We walked from the pier to a bus stop for a hop-on free shuttle bus service to Komtar shopping center

We asked around and came to this place↓ along this street ↑ ( somewhere near Gama supermarket )  for char kuey teow

Very small portion of char kuey teow for RM3

This bowl of prawn mee (RM3.20) was as good!  We ordered a second bowl…

A friendly drink stall owner who offered us durians..

We arrived at Penang on Saturday, and the weekend jam in the city center around Komtar was pretty bad.  It took us more than half an hour from the pier to Komtar which normally will take about 10 minutes by bus.  So we decided to take trishaw on our way back to the pier.  It was a fun ride as the trishaw man slipped through the congested traffic with ease.

Dinner on the farewell night was special.  All the waiters and waitresses gathered at the stage sang for us.   This just goes to show how much trouble and effort the Royal Caribbean team has put in to add a personal touch for the guests.

↓ The same goes to this entertainment team who sang for us on the last night..We’re touched..

We enjoyed this cruise getaway very much.  After this amazing experience on board Legend of the Seas, our next cruise trip would be none other than Royal Caribbean..


My Footprints – Royal Caribbean Cruise Part 1

This was our second time on a cruise holiday.  This cruising experience with Royal Caribbean was good.

We went on board the ship before 12 noon, and had a chance to walk around the ship after our buffet lunch at Windjammer.

View of Harbour Front

Our first buffet lunch at Winjammer

This was where we were seated for dinner at Romeo & Juliet.   The table will be pre-allocated and you will be seated with the same guests and served by the same waiters throughout your stay.

2-level restaurant, Romeo & Juliet.

Why not rock climb ↑, play golf↓? You don’t need to be a pro to do these, just make sure that you don’t hit the golf ball too far into the ocean :)-

Need to shake off the excess fats?  Here’s the jogging track, 4 laps of 1.6km.  I ran 8 laps every morning to burn calories….( can’t resist the good food on board! ).  I like the winds of freedom blowing on my face as I run…

There are 2 pools on this ship, this is a outdoor pool.

Enjoy the songs from this band group while dipping in the pool..

↑ A welcome speech by the captain

↓ What’s for dinner? The dinner consists of a 3-course meal : starter, main course, dessert.

↓ What’s for Dessert

↑ There’s a wide spread of dessert at Windjammer

↓ The desserts below were served at Romeo & Juliet.  We had these for our 3 days stay…

↓ What’s for breakfast?

↓ What’s for starter?

I enjoyed this starter very much, it’s Escargot

↑ Indonesian Gado Gado

Stay tuned for part 2..

We had so much fun on this gourmet exploration. Leave your tight fitting outfit at home ^_^

My Footprints – Beijing Part 2

Great Wall of China (万里长城 – 八达岭).  There’s this Chinese saying  ‘He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man’ ( ‘不到长城非好汗’)..

View showing how steep a climb it was…climbing Great Wall has put our physique to test…it’s a tough climb but we glad that we made it.

The Forbidden City (紫禁城) – The Gate of Supreme Harmony (太和门)

The Forbidden City (紫禁城) – Hall of Supreme Harmony (太和殿)

The Forbidden City (紫禁城) – The Palace of Heavenly Purity (乾清宫)

Above the throne hangs a plaque engraved with four Chinese characters which means ‘Aboveboard’.

The Forbidden City (紫禁城) – The Well of Concubine Zhen (珍妃井).  Concubine Zhen (珍妃 ) was the beloved concubine of Emperor Guangxu (光绪帝) and she was thrown and drowned in this well.

The Forbidden City (紫禁城) –  The Nine Dragon Screen (九龙壁 )

Temple of Heaven (天坛 ) – this is where emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasty would make offerings to heaven and pray for good harvests

Temple of Heaven (天坛 ) – Heavenly Center Stone – If you stand on this center slab of stone, your voice will sound particularly resonant.

Along the street with direction sign showing the way to Temple of Heaven (天坛 )

Tiananmen Square (天安门广场)

15 minutes walk from our hotel to Tiananmen Square to watch National Flag Raising Ceremony

Just a street behind Tiananmen Square..

Beijing National Stadium ‘Bird’s Nest’ (鸟巢)

Beijing’s Bird’s Nest stadium which hosted 2008 Summer Olympics has been transformed into a snow-theme park

A magnificent view of Water Cube at night

Ling Long Pagoda, located near the Olympic Cauldron, on the northwest side of Bird’s Nest Stadium

My Footprints – Beijing Part 1

Our Free & Easy trip to Beijing in December, 2010.

We had our breakfast at this local eatery place. 

There was a wide variety of 北京 小吃 ( beijing snacks ) to choose from….we were a little lost on what to get and finally we shortlisted some based on gut feelings.

The spread of snacks on the table was to feed ten of us ( 4 adults, 6 children).  We didn’t order too much as we just wanted to have a taste of local breakfast.  I can’t remember the names of all the dishes here, 五谷粥 (grains porridge), 绿 豆糕 (mung bean cake), 焦圈 were some of the names I can recall.  The plate of black thingy which I think is the intestine was disgusting….no one wanted to try and we offered to a local sitting at the next table.

Our dinner was settled at a restaurant.   A typical local restaurant which you don’t see any tourist here..and food was cheap…


On the last day before we left beijing, we had our lunch at Quanjude (全聚德),  a famous chinese restaurant known for its trademark Peking Roast Duck. 

北京夜市的小吃街 (Beijing night market)….and it was a eye opening experience.. continue browsing and you will know what I meant…be prepared to see some awful pictures…

Did we try? Will you try?  Nope…not for us, we were not that adventurous..

Enough of that…let’s have some scenic view…圆明园 Yuanmingyuan

The blue sign in the middle says “请勿踏冰"(do not step on ice)…

Take a closer look at this height measurement board placed at the ticketing booth..Did you spot any error?

Next, ice skating…the children had so much fun here…

Stay tune for Part 2, Bird’s Nest, Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China, The Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square & Water Cube.