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I’m Back! Birthday Cake for hubby

Hi, I’m back after a month of vacation and staycation.  It’s time to get back to my baking routine especially when there are three birthdays this month ( one being mine ), so I am expecting myself to bake once a week for a start and massive baking next month for Chinese New Year.

Today on 118, my hubby’s birthday – Happy Birthday!!



Chilled Bailey Cheesecake, will update recipe soon

Update 20th Jan : 

Reprint of recipe from my earlier post  with slight changes, recipe originally adapted from Yochana Cake Delight

Makes one 8-inch round cake

Chilled Bailey Cheesecake


Base : About 12 digestive biscuits,crushed to crumbs with food processor, and 50g melted butter

Filling :

1 block Philadelphia cream cheese, softened

1 tsp vanilla extract

30ml Baileys

200ml whipping cream

1/2 cup caster sugar

1/4 cup cold water

1-1/2 tbsp gelatine powder

1 tbsp butter

50g dark chocolate


1. For base : mix crushed biscuits and butter together. Press and smooth evenly in an 8-inch springform pan. Place in a freezer while you get on with the filling.

2. In cold water, sprinkle gelatine evenly, leave to “bloom” for 2 minutes. Sit the bowl of gelatine mixture in a pot of water on the stove ( double boiling method ).   Stir to dissolve.

3. Using double boiling method, melt  butter and chocolate.

4. In your mixer or using a whisk, whip cream till stiff peaks form, chill.  In the same mixer (no need to wash after whipping cream), cream the cheese and sugar on high speed till smooth, beat in vanilla.

5. Stir gelatine mixture ( while resting,some gelatine will settle to the bottom) and beat in to combine.

6. Fold in whipped cream.  Remove tin from freezer.

7. Pour about 1/4 of batter into chocolate mixture, stir to mix.

8. Mix in Baileys with the rest of batter.

9. Pour about half of bailey batter into tin, top with chocolate batter.  Add the remaining bailey batter over the chocolate batter.  Decorate as desired.

10. Chill overnight.

11. To serve,run a knife along the sides of the cake,unmould, and slice.